Main Characteristic:
AC Series Proportional controller - Ratings from 5A to 120A @ 530 VAC
Application area:
● Furnace temperature control
● Industrial automation and control
● CNC machine
● Infrared lamp
● Computer drag
 CertificationCE Certification,UL Certification,CSA Certification
UL   Certification:E256552    
CSA Certification:C22.2,N0.14-05   

Product Model Control Voltage Maximum Load Current Line Voltage Range Recommended cooling solution Electronic
SAM4060D 4-32VDC 60A 40-480VAC download
SAM4080D 4-32VDC 80A 40-480VAC download
SAM40100D 4-32VDC 100A 40-480VAC download
SAM40120D 4-32VDC 120A 40-480VAC download
SAM40150D 4-32VDC 150A 40-480VAC download
SAM40200D 4-32VDC 200A 40-480VAC download
SAM40250D 4-32VDC 250A 40-480VAC download
SAM40300D 4-32VDC 300A 480VAC download
SAM40400D 4-32VDC 400A 40-480VAC download
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