Main Characteristic:
DC Solid state relay is low impedance which is MOSFET output and maximum to avoid total power consumption 
 Max rated value: 100Amps@100VDC40Amps@200VDC12Amps@400VDC10Amps@500VDC
Application which is very easy to be in parallel and high voltage
Flexible control voltage:3.5-32VDC
Normally SSR is good for sesistive and inductive load. (like motor and EMR/electromaqnetic coil which is inductive load that must avoid diode)

Product Model Control Voltage Maximum Load Current Line Voltage Range Recommended cooling solution Electronic
SDP0805 3.5-32VDC 5A 5-80VDC download
SDP0810 3.5-32VDC 10A 5-80VDC download
SDP0820 3.5-32VDC 20A 5-80VDC download
SDP0830 3.5-32VDC 30A 5-80VDC download
SDP0840 3.5-32VDC 40A 5-80VDC download
SDP0860 3.5-32VDC 60A 5-80VDC download
SDP0880 3.5-32VDC 80A 5-80VDC download
SDP1105 3.5-32VDC 5A 5-110VDC download
SDP1110 3.5-32VDC 10A 5-110VDC download
SDP1120 3.5-32VDC 20A 5-110VDC download
SDP1130 3.5-32VDC 30A 5-110VDC download
SDP1140 3.5-32VDC 40A 5-110VDC download
SDP1160 3.5-32VDC 60A 5-110VDC download
SDP1180 3.5-32VDC 80A 5-110VDC download
SDP4005 3.5-32VDC 5A 5-400VDC download
SDP4010 3.5-32VDC 10A 5-400VDC download
SDP4020 3.5-32VDC 20A 5-400VDC download
SDP4030 3.5-32VDC 30A 5-400VDC download
SDP4040 3.5-32VDC 40A 5-400VDC download
SDP4060 3.5-32VDC 60A 5-400VDC download
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